Friday, February 25, 2011


far away but not loosed

we all know when we have a good time
it passes us really fast
you just want to have more of it
but when you know
its not time that matters
its how you see it

i dont have much time
to company the people i love
but i make sure
each and every time we meet
you will remember it for a very long time

memories that we have
things that we have
things that we do
its not time that matters
its what you did or do that count...

sometimes i may be offensive
but hey
i am me
you cant change me
i cant change you
its the DIFFERENCE that makes us STRONGER!!

so to all my friends out there
you are treasured in my heavy heart
you guys are forever the best memory makers in my life
good luck in whatever you do

directed by : izwin nisaa norazman :)