Saturday, July 9, 2011

thankss a lot guy :'(

all the time i am sad at homee.
i wish you were be there but not for her.
ahhh whatever happen i hate you moree after this.
why you need to be a liar?
just be honest that you are with her.
no need to trick me with like words laaaa :|
aku tak heran kau nak keluar dengan dia tapi cakap laa.
kau punya plan bukan dengan dia kan?
soo then?
apee ni, aku ni kawan dengan kau lagi lama
than her tapi apee kau buat kat aku.
ish aku tebal muka jelaa tadi jumpe kau. bengang
tak bengang laa aku tadi.
aku bukan nak merajuk ke ape laaa.
tapi cara kau ni dah buat aku kecik hati laa.
tu punn kalau kau kesah pasal kawan kau ni laaa.
kalau tak kesah just ignore this entry.
ni punn kalau kau baca la ehh :|
dah laaa tak payah nak kawan dengan aku lagi.
i'm not like your other friends who
moree hotstuff, pretty, versatyle
and etc. sebab tu kau biar aku jalan sorang-2 kat bandar tadi macam orang gilaa.
but i'm here just to be the best friend of yours.
i am got regret right now to be here home :(
i'm sad and a little bit hurt with you mama,
najib and you that wanna see and
try to get trouble with me.
urgh! i am not in mood seriously. come on laaa
kenapee dengan semua orang ni?
ehemm thank god because this happens to me not him or her :'(
i'm happy for you, because i'm still your friends to me
i don't know hows on you guy.
no matter what thanks again do all of this to me today.
ehemm :( takecaree byebyeee.
today is my bad-est day ever :'( thankss again.

from your friend ; izwinnisaa norazman :(