Friday, August 12, 2011

he give me a hope :)

hi wafiq:)
 thank you for willing to spend some time
 talking to me on the phone the day so I do.
 so do not think that you want to answer my calls.
you know,
 after we talk on the phone that day
 I think there is something you also feel like I am.
 :I feel as if you are give me a hope back.
 I was surprised the moment you say if
 there is no where mate:) ehee.
 yes baby <3
 may or may not next time if I want to call you again?
 :) I think tonight I want to do super-saver with you
 but I am afraidyou are busy with your new gilrfriend. : /
 How mahirah said,''Who cares what hehave a girlfriend to not'':)
 that's right hahaa: D
 wafiq, could not if I want to ask you something,
 what else do you mean my heart,
 the liver ex-girlfriend youpreviously did not the same?
 Confuse laa. ahhh whatever :)
The most important I still love, love, affection and love you <3 I am serious.
 I hope we will be united back:)
kbyee wafiq <3