Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pretty Like A Model :)

estranged beauty- skilful and illustrious
her face marked a canvas of chiselled cheekbones
cavernous eyes and arcane lips
an esoteric nymph gracefully prancing
through life on the laurels of her exquisiteness
don’t forget little girl, the world is too grown
up for your childlike mind.
a life of fashion and runway
age had not committed itself to the
demand of every camera, every flash
elevated her career
she was internationally known
by the tender age of fifteen.
men loved the way her body would
hold the most delicate fabric
how her tiny waist would dazzle with
glitter and patterns
bartenders served her all night overlooking
her young adolescence.
she lived the American dream
wealth, beauty and paparrazi
but sadly, God worked into the hours
of the night to create something so magnificent
but thoughtlessness caused him
to forget to give her a brain.
bobbling air head
when asked to inhale that pretty white line
cut with two coasters from JD and coke
she succumbed to the fear
that wilful determination to stay clean
would end her career
she protested but the objections
hammered her insecurities until
she could hear nothing else
so concerned to become a commodity of fashion
she allowed herself to be swayed
by the sleaze and sordid agents
of the underground.
and so, pretty little model
a classic archetype that motivation
to succeed will definitely land you somewhere
a year down the line - her career dropped her
and she plummeted into boozy night bars
filled with medicated junkies
more lines cut with coasters, more JD and coke
addicted to the love of lowlifes and squalid representatives
the canvas rotted and decomposed.